Sunday, January 4, 2015

Travel Pillow by Travel Light

I received the AirComfy Travel Pillow by Travel Light through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Comes in storage/travel bag
  • Can inflate or deflate to desired amount for comfort (Just twist nozzle)
  • Use on airplane or in vehicle 
  • Butterfly shape
  • Use on neck by attaching to headrest or use as a lumbar support
  • Weighs 6.2 ounces

I had not expected this pillow to be so big when I first received it because it fit so nicely in the storage/travel bag.

The pillow is very easy to inflate. Just need to twist the nozzle. It can also be easily deflated, even while in use, by just twisting the nozzle open and putting pressure onto the pillow, to desired size.

Usually, I don't use travel pillows because none of them are all that comfy to use. Then I tried this pillow on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. AMAZING!

I didn't like the pillow completely inflated, so I deflated it while I was using the pillow to get to my desired size. The pillow was very comfy after that. The pillow worked well to avoid any neck pains after I fell asleep. With this pillow, it was probably one of the best sleep or naps I had in a vehicle.

I take it with me every time I got shopping now, when someone else is driving.

It also works great as a lumbar support at the lower back. Helps for a comfortable car ride.

The only issue I had with this pillow is that I would sometimes knock the pillow and had it go flying off the head rest because the strap didn't always keep it in place when I got in and out of the vehicle. While in use, the strap kept the pillow just where I wanted it.

Check out this pillow on amazon or on the AirComfy site.

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