Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fé Fit Women's Workout Program

I received the Fé Fit Women's Workout Program through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Helps burn fat and create shape
  • High-energy instructor 
  • 30min. work outs, 3 times a week
  • Includes: Cardio, Core, Lower and Upper Body, Total Toning, and Stretch exercises 
  • 8 Discs
The Fé Fit Women's Workout Program is a nice program for a 30 minute workout or less for a few times a week. This workout program is targeted towards mothers, although the program can work for any female. Although, the world "mommies" and "mom" is used a lot. 

The program's exercises do require some equipment that is not included with the product. These items can be a chair, mat, exercise ball, weight, bands, toning circle, etc. Other household items can be used to substitute for the required items.  

The booklet that comes with the DVDs includes several different work out programs that one could choose from. Many of which are similar, but different in the amount of exercises done per week. There's also a toning or a weight loss program. There's stickers included with the product to help you keep track of how far along in the program you are.

There's 8 disc in the DVD set for the program, which includes cardio, toning, workout, and yoga/stretch. Each disc has several different work out routines and exercises. Follow along with a program guide to know what exercise to do when or switch it up for your own routine.

The instructor for the program is supportive and informative. Although all of the work outs may not be intense with cardio, the muscles do get worked.

The instructor and those helping do show ways to modify many of the workouts in case one would need a less intense or are not able to do certain parts of the exercises.

There are no cool down or warm up stretches at the beginning or end of the exercises. Be sure to do stretches to avoid pulling a muscle

- Able to choose program style 
- Shows modified examples of workout
- Informative and encouraging instructor 

- Needs additional equipment (Although, list of equipment needed is included) 
- Instructor not always wearing her mic
- Could get boring if one prefers more intense or high energy workouts 
- Shot angles were odd or not a good view at times

Check out this program on Amazon.

Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

I received the Tens Unit Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Six automatic programs
  • Three Diverse style modes
  • Dual control system
  • Takes 4 AAA batteries (Included)
  • Lightweight 

The Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager is a nice, lightweight muscle stimulator to help with muscle soreness, stiffness, or stress.

This tens unit comes with 4 self-stick hypoallergenic electrode pads and 2 lead wires.

The tens unit has a dual control system, which allows for two different spots to be stimulated at once. It can also be used on multiple people at once.
The tens unit is easy to use. The batteries go into the compartment on the back of the tens unit. With the device off, place the sticky electrode pads on desired location. The booklet shows examples of several places the pads could go on. Make sure the lead wires are connected properly.

Turn the dial that is for the desired lead wire to change the intensity levels of the device. The tens unit can go from 1 to 10 in intensity.

For me, my desired intensity level changes due to the location. For my more sensitive areas, such as feet, arms, and joints, I prefer the intensity to be 5 or lower. For my back, lets, and shoulder areas, I prefer intensity levels between 6 to 8.

Going all the way to 10 isn't a bad painful feeling. It's more of an annoying or sharp prickly feeling. For me, going all the way up to 10 isn't comfortable. The lower levels are more relaxing, yet the higher intensities feel like they give a deeper massage.

I enjoy that there's several different modes to choose from. There's massage, beat, and knead for a steady modes. There's also automatic modes to choose from depending on the location of the pads. The automatic modes will go through all the styles (massage, beat, and knead). There are automatic timers depending on which mode chosen.

Be careful not to use the device for too long or with too strong of intensity for a longer period of time because it can make your muscles stiff and sore after being stimulated so much.

- Several types of modes to choose from
- Dual control
- Intensity levels
- Booklet states where to get replacement pads

- Only takes batteries 

Check out this Tens Unit on Amazon.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Tree Storage Bag

I received the X-Large Christmas Tree Storage Bag through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Durable and tear-proof material
  • Water resistant 
  • 65" long x 15" wide x 30" high
  • Protects from dampness, soil, and pest 
  • Heavy duty reinforced handles

The X-Large Christmas Tree Storage Bag works great for storing Christmas Trees or other products, such as bedding, clothing, blankets, camping supplies, etc.

The tarp like material is thick and durable. The material feels like it will not rip or tear easily. The material helps protect the products inside from getting wet or dirty. It's great for when moving or storage.

The handles are sturdy and won't give in or tear under pressure or weight. The handles are flexible and comfortable to hold.

The Christmas Tree Storage Bag is so large that it can fit a 9 foot disassembled Christmas tree and additional decorations into the bag.

This x-large bag is great for storing products, whether it's a Christmas tree or something else.

- Size
- Durable material
- Water resistant

- Strong tarp smell (Fades over time)

Check out this bag on Amazon.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Stainless Steel Splatter Screen

I received the Stainless Steel Splatter Screen and Lid through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Made from 201 Stainless Steel, fine mesh, and silicone covered handle
  • Safe on gas and electric stoves
  • Allows you to observe food while cooking
  • 5 1/2" long handle 
  • 6 1/4" mesh area
  • Grooves on stainless steel fits on 8", 10", and 12" pots or pans 
The Stainless Steel Splatter Screen works well for cooking, steaming, or boiling food. 

The stainless steel on the lid and mesh screen is safe to use on gas and electric stoves. The grooves on the 12" surface allows the pan to fit securely on 8", 10", and 12" pots and pans. 

The mesh allows you to see how the food is cooking. It allows steam to get through the lid, which allows you to steam or heat up certain foods, like vegetables. The mesh allows air to get through when food is boiling and steam to get out. For example, if boiling water, the mesh screen allows room temperature air in and allows steam to be release. It helps prevent the water from boiling over and making a mess on the stove top or getting into the flames if using a gas stove. The mesh screen can help protect you from food that splatters. If cooking bacon or some meats over the stove, the splatter mesh screen helps keep the grease from getting out and burning the person cooking or making a mess on the stove. 

The side of the stainless steel lid is slightly sharper than I'd like it to. It's something to be careful of when washing the lid, although the lid is dishwasher safe. 

The silicone covered handle is okay. The silicone cover helps prevent the stainless steel handle from burning the person touching it, which is nice. I still prefer using an oven mitt or pot holder just to be safe. The part that doesn't impress me is how the handle is attached to the stainless steel of the lid. During the first use, I noticed that the handle can bend the stainless steel lid where it's attached. It takes a small amount of effort or force to bend it and makes the product seem less durable.

- Fine mesh
- Grooves on lid to fit various pots and pans

- Lid can be bent where the handle is attached 

Check out this product on Amazon.

Car Trunk Organizer

I received the Car Trunk Organizer through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Durable 
  • 600D Polyester Fabric
  • Holds up to 75 Ibs of cargo
  • Non-slip material to prevent sliding in trunk
  • 2 Large compartments with removal divider, 4 mesh side-pockets. velcro-secured front pocket 
  • Collapsible 
The Car Trunk Organizer is a great way to keep the trunk of your vehicle organized and keep the items stored in the trunk from sliding around. 

I had been thinking about getting a trunk organizer for the items that remain in my trunk for emergency uses. This trunk organizer works great to keep those items in one area without them sliding around and making a mess in my trunk like they had been previously. Although, the trunk organizer is listed for SUVs and bigger vehicles, it works for standard sized and smaller cars. 

This trunk organizer is collapsible, which makes for easy storage if it's not in use. The trunk organizer has clips to help the organizer closed when it's collapsed. The organizer can be expanded to one of the large compartments opened with the the other one closed or both compartments could be expanded. There's cardboard bottom inserts that can be placed in each compartment to help hold it open, even when empty. 

One of the compartments does have a removable insert with velcro on the sides to make one of the larger compartments into two smaller ones. It provides additional organization if desired. 

There's four mesh side-pockets that are great for storing tools, kleenex soft packs, or cleaning cloths. The front pocket is open with a vecro secure strap to keep small items easy to grab and to keep them in place. 

The trunk organizer works well to keep essential items organized and easy to locate in the trunk. Items such as wiper fluid, radiator fluid, jumper cables, tire gauge, jack for tires, blankets, glass cleaning fluid, cleaning cloths, seat cleaner, etc. 

- Several compartments
- Collapsible 
- Clips to hold organizer in place if collapsed 

- Slight smell when first arrived (the smell fades within days) 

Check out this product on Amazon.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Frosty Pillow Gel Mat

I received the Frosty Pillow Gel Mat through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Comes in Adult and Kid size
  • Helps with fevers, headaches, migraines, and hot flashes
  • Soft 
  • Flexible 
  • Safe medical-grade gel
  • Comes with pillow case

The Frosty Pillow Gel Mat for adults is a great size. It's slightly smaller than a standard size pillow. The gel mat works great for headaches, migraines, and fevers. The gel pillow helps add some extra chill to problem areas.

The mat works similar to an ice pack, but it's larger and doesn't go in the freezer. The gel mat goes into the refrigerator for about an hour before use.

Even when I don't stick the mat into the refrigerator, the mat stays cooler than air temperature for about 20 minutes or longer. The mat will warm up with my body heat and I move around the mat to find a spot that's still cool.

Refrigerating the mat makes the mat stay much cooler and for a longer period of time.

The mat comes with it's own pillow case that's fairly soft and comfortable. If the mat is still too cool, I would recommend sticking it inside your own pillow case. I usually do that it also keep the mat in place, so it doesn't slide around when I'm sleeping.

On the back of the box that the mat comes in has the care instructions listed out. They're easy to read and follow. The tag on the mat also has some care instructions on it that's similar to the box instructions.

- Helps with migraines!
- Cooler than room temp. without refrigeration 
- Flexible 

- Slides around on pillow 

Check out this mat on Amazon.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Oasis Portable Humidifier

I received the Oasis Portable Humidifier from Air-N-Mist through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Portable
  • Quiet
  • Works best for small rooms to medium sized
  • Tank-less design (Uses water bottles)

The Oasis Portable Humidifier is a great humidifier to use when traveling. It's easily stored and lightweight. The humidifier can be plug-in at any location as long as there's a USB port, including using with a wall plug or car charger. 

The cord gets plugged into the bottom of the humidifier.  The pegs and notch area cut out of the humidifier helps keep the cord in place. The device sits flat on a surface. 

The tankless design makes the humidifier extremely portable. It makes it easy to travel with the humidifier. There's even a carry bag to that comes with the product to keep all your humidifier accessories together. 

There is a cap or attachment that screws into the humidifier and onto the water bottle lid. I usually try to screw the attachment to the water bottle first to prevent making any messes. The attachment is slightly too big for all the water bottles I tried. It doesn't screw on tight like a water bottle lid. 

I place the humidifier upside down and screw the attachment into the machine. I then flip the humidifier and water bottle into position, where the humidifier is right side up and the water bottle's opening is facing downwards. 

If flipped together, even with the loose attachment on the water bottle, there's very little mess. A drop or two may escape. The water bottle does not leak from the attachment unless the water bottle is squeezed or knocked over. If left alone once in the humidifier, the water bottle shouldn't leak. 

The humidifier does take several seconds, no more than a minute, to start producing mist. The humidifier is a cool mist humidifier. The humidifier produces a lot more mist than I expected. It works very well.

The bigger the water bottle, the longer the humidifier could last before needing refilled. 

- Portable
- Lightweight
- Easy to use
- Good amount of mist

- Attachment for water bottle and humidifier could get lost
(2 are included with the product)
- Attachment doesn't fit tight on some water bottles
(Smaller the lid cap, the looser it fits)

Check out this humidifier on Amazon.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Sportly Push Up Bar

I received the Sportly Push Up Bar through a promotion.
Product Info:
  • Set of 2
  • Allows for greater range in motion
  • Stable
  • Comfortable grips
  • Industrial grade PVC is strong
  • Lightweight 
The Sportly Push Up Bars are great to provide more range of motion for work outs. The bars are nice to allow a deeper and harder push up.

These push up bars do come dismantled for shipping purposes.

The push up bars are very easy to put together.

The handle portion of the bars have pegs that stick out that line up with the holes in the bottom portion of the bars.

The cushion on the on the bottom portion of the bars provide a non-slip type of grip. The bar can be used on hardwood, carpeted, grass, or concrete without slipping and sliding while in use.

The handle part of the bars have a similar type of cushion. It provides a comfortable hold and prevents one from slipping on the bars if they get sweaty.

For such lightweight push up bars, I'm impressed with how well they hold up. The Industrial grade PVC is much stronger than I expected the bars to be.

- Easy to put together
- Non-slip
- Comfortable grip 
- Extra range of motion with push ups

- None found

Check out this product on Amazon.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

S3 Soap Dispenser

I received the S3 Soap Dispenser through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Good capacity size
  • Clear body to see soap level
This soap dispenser is a nice looking and easy to use soap dispenser. 

The stainless steel sections on the soap dispenser and pump is made with a good stainless steel material that should help reduce the likeliness that it would ever rust.  It also give the soap dispenser a generic, yet modern, appearance that could fit with many decor styles. It could work in kitchens or bathrooms. 

The clear body is made out of plastic. The clear body provides the ability to see what the soap level is inside the soap dispenser. The plastic feels sturdy. It doesn't feel like it'd break or leak easily. 

The pump is a decent size. It fits well into the soap dispenser, like it should.

I really like how the pump looks. It makes me think of a faucet. It catches my attention due to it's shape.

When I put the lid with the pump onto the soap dispenser with the dispenser being full, I tipped the entire thing upside down to see if it would leak. I even tried shaking it. The dispenser didn't leak at all. I am very pleased that I don't have to worry about it leaking if it gets knocked over on accident.

The pump is a little stiff to push down. It takes a little bit of effort, especially the first few times of using the pump.

The pump provides a good amount of soap. I usually go about half way down with the pump to get the amount I like.

This isn't a type of soap dispenser to use if you mix you're soap with water. It comes out too liquidy, depending on how much soap or water you use for the mixture.

Overall, the soap dispenser performs very well.

- Appearance
- Doesn't leak
- Can see soap level

- Pump may be too stiff for someone who is very weak in hand strength 

Check out this soap dispenser on Amazon