Friday, July 31, 2015

KOVOT XL Wine Glass

I received the the KOVOT XL Wine Glass through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • 9" tall
The KOVOT XL Wine Glass is one of the biggest wine glasses I've seen or own. The company is joking with their discription that the XL wine glass can hold an entire 750 mL wine bottle and still have room for more. The size makes the wine glass fun and great for using as a decoration.

On the down side, the glass of the wine glass seems fragile. It's not one I'd have sitting on a table, counter, etc. where a child could reach it or get knocked over. The glass at the bowl of the cup is thin. It's not the sturdiest wine glass.

The base of the wine glass is thicker and more stable. There's no wobble to the wine glass. It sits flat. There were a bit of air bubbles or roughness to the glass at the base of mine. It's not enough to cut you, but when I scraped my nail over it, it wore down my nail and made it sharp. 

This is a wine glass I prefer to use as a decorative piece or to hold other items, like candy or favorite mementos. I'm not enough of a wine drinker or alcohol drinker to use this as an actual drinking glass.

Check out this wine glass on Amazon.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

3 in 1 Veg Spiralizer

 I received the Kuuk 3 in 1 Veg Spiralizer through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Works on fruits & vegetables
  • Spiral cuts and noodles
  • 3 stainless steel blades
  • Hand powered 
  • Suction cup feet 
  • Stays in place

The Kuuk 3 in 1 Veg Spiralizer is a decent sized spiralizer that works on both vegetables and fruits. I'm not a big vegetable eater, so I mostly used mine for fruits, like apples, or vegetables like potatoes.

The prongs do hold some fruit or vegetables in place. The prongs don't keep them all in place. Some fruit or vegetables either fall out or off the spiralizer or they move while you're trying to cut them.

Each blade can be snapped into place on the spiralizer. Pushing the bash towards the blades and turning the handle allows you to cut the fruit or vegetables. Each blade has a different style to it.

The handle is to be hand cranked. It can be tiring if you do many fruits and vegetables or the larger ones.

 There are three types of stainless steel blades to create a different style of spiral or peel. There's a shredder blade for spaghetti-like spiral strands, the chipper blade for thicker spirals strands, and the straight blade for long, ribbon-like strands.
Towards the bottom of the spiralizer, there is a opening where the blades that are not being used can be stored. It keeps the pieces of the spiralizer together, so the extra blades don't get lost.

The spiralizer may not stay white or clean looking forever. Some fruits or vegetables may cause stains on the spiralizer.

I usually clean the spiralizer by hand with soap and water to make sure that it's all clean, although it is dishwasher safe.

Check out this spiralizer on Amazon.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Balloon Typhoon

I received the Balloon Typhoon through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Attaches to standard sized hoses
  • Balloons tie themselves with rubber bands
  • Fills close to 100 in a minute
I have seen a lot of commercials over the last few years about the Balloon Typhoon water balloons or something similar. I've been interested in trying them to see how well they work.

The first time trying one of the sets was very messy. I didn't have all the green sticks pushed down before I started filling them up, so it spit water everywhere. The next two sets I made sure to push down all the green sticks before screwing the set onto the hose or nozzle. 

I used a cooler to help catch all of the balloons as they fell. The water would continue to come out of the sticks after the balloons would fall off. It's certainly can be messy to use these to fill up water balloons. It's something I would use outside. 

We found that the faster the water would come out of the hose or nozzle the bigger the balloons would fill up and the quicker they would drop. 

They don't fill up enough to create a lot of tension within the balloon. You could throw the balloons at someone and they'd just bounce off onto the ground.

If the balloons hit the ground, they'd pop on the rocks that were laying around. If they hit a tree, they would pop on contact.

If the balloons were left to sit in the cooler for an hour or more, they would leak from where they were tied. They wouldn't stay filled for long.

We reused the balloons that got too small and filled them up the traditional way. The water balloons that were included with this water balloon set were very stretchy and nice to fill up. They were easy to tie the traditional way too because of how much they could stretch.

Shoe Odor Eliminator

I received the Shoe Odor Eliminator made with Bamboo Charcoal by PURGGO through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Made with Bamboo Charcoal (renewable natural resource
  • Helps absorb and eliminate odors
  • Fragrance & allergen free 
  • Last for over a year
  • Asthma & allergy friendly
Honestly, my work shoes can get kind of scary, especially in the summer time. With them being steel-toed shoes, there's not much ventilation with those shoes. 

The PURGGO shoe eliminator is the perfect size to fit in my shoes, whether it's my work shoes, flats, heels, tennis shoes, etc. The shoe odor eliminator isn't much smaller than my hand when I have my hand open and laid flat. 

The stitching of the product is well done. There is no pieces falling out of the product. I really like that the product is made with a renewable natural resource. 

My favorite part of this product is that it's fragrance and allergen free. Strong perfumes can bother my asthma or allergies, so it's great to find a product that works to absorb and eliminate odors without just masking them or leaving a different smell behind.

I found the longer I leave it sit in a shoe, the more odor it does absorb. 

Check out this product on Amazon.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Epica Large Digital Timer

I received the Epica Large Digit Timer through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Easy to see
  • Max reading 99 minutes 59 seconds
  • Returns to last setting
  • Table stand, magnet, spring clip, and hanging hook built-in
  • 1 AAA battery (included)
The Epica Large Digital Timer is a lightweight and easy to read timer. I'm impressed with how far away I can read the count down on the timer from. I can be on the other end of the kitchen and still see what the time is on the timer. 

The timer has a nice built-in standing or mounting ability. There's a table stand, magnet, spring clip, and hanging hook. I usually use the table stand or the magnet when using the timer. 

The timer does take 1 AAA battery that is included. 

An issue that I had with this timer is there is not a way to turn off the timer itself. The alarm automatically shuts off after a minute, but the actual timer remains on. The only way I found to shut off the timer is to take out the battery, so the battery doesn't get wasted. 

The timer is easy to set. The minute (M) and second (S) buttons are big and easy to press. They don't get stuck. The start/stop button is similar.

The buttons don't line up perfectly, so that slightly bothers me. On the plus side, that doesn't affect the actual performance of the product. It only affects the appearance.

Check out this timer on Amazon.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Angel Craft Podge All-in-One Decoupage Glue

I received teh Angel Craft Podge All-in-One Decoupage Glue through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • Brush cap
  • Semi-gloss
  • 6 oz.
  • Helps glue, seal, and protect
  • Dries fast and clear
  • Low odor 
  • Non-toxic
  • Water resistant 
  • Works on paper crafting, photo collages, fabric, wood, home decor, and scrapbooking
When I first received the decoupage glue, I was surprised at how light weight it was. Even with the full 6oz bottle, the entire product was very lightweight compared to how normal glue would feel. 

The bottle has a screw on a lid that has a brush attached to it. It helps reduce possible messes and keeps you from having to use another brush. This way you don't have to clean an additional brush. You just stick this one back into the glue, screw on the lid, and call it good. 

The glue appears glossy when you first use it, but as it dries, the glue becomes clear. It's hardly noticeable and dries fast. I found it works best for gluing flat paper types products onto a surface. A very thin layer of decoupage glue is all that's needed. By putting the glue on the area you want to glue your object at, the glue helps keep it stuck down. Then running over the object with glue after placing it helps seal the object down and protects it from coming back up. 

Trying to use this glue on 3D objects doesn't work the best. The glue isn't able to seal it down properly and the 3D object could come off if it's hit or knocked off. 

There's hardly any odor with this glue. I don't really notice it much. It's not unpleasant in any way. 

The glue is waterproof, so if the material gets wet after the glue has dried, it won't come off or fall off. The glue can be washed off hands and other surfaces by using soap and water. 

Check out this glue on Amazon.

Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bag

I received the Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bag by Ziraki through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Fits most large size yoga mats
  • Canvas bag
  • 28" long
  • Comes in other colors (green, lilac, pink, and blue)
  • Lightweight 
I had expected this yoga mat bag to fit snuggly around the yoga mat I had. The bag is bigger than I had expected it to be, which is great. The bag fits perfectly on my yoga mat with plenty of room left over. The extra room could be used to store clothes, towels, essentials, water bottles, etc. 

The bag is made of a thin canvas material. It's thin enough that it's very lightweight, flexible, and foldable. It's not too thin that it would snag or rip. 

The handles are stitched on nicely and made to hold some weight to it, so putting some water bottles or yoga blocks in the bag would be safe. The handles have enough room that you could put the bag on your shoulder, like a purse, or carry it by your hands. 

The zipper is nice and quiet. It zips well with no snags or catches. 

This yoga mat bag is great for taking your yoga mat with you to the gym, to exercise, or just storing it in the home. 

Check out this bag on Amazon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kitchen Monster Pizza Cutter

I received the Kitchen Monster Pizza Cutter through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Sharp
  • Comfortable grip
  • Dishwasher safe
The Kitchen Monster Pizza Cutter has a very nice handle on it. It's the first thing I noticed about the pizza cutter. The handle is bigger than most of the other pizza cutters I've used in the passed. The handle is comfortable to hold and fits in my hand nicely. I don't have to use a tighter grip to hold this pizza cutter like I do with other ones I have. 

The blade on the pizza cutter surprised me. I had not expected it to be that sharp. It's a very nice blade. Although, it does not cut through pizza with just one go. The crust area still needs to be gone over a few times. It still cuts nicer than some of the other ones I have in my house. 

The pizza cutter is easy to wash. It's dishwasher safe, but I prefer to wash it by hands to ensure that every part of the blade surface area is clean. 

Check out this pizza cutter on Amazon or Greenwald Brands.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Extra Large Picnic Blanket

I received the Extra Large Picnic Blanket through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • Size: 60" x 80"
  • Lightweight (Weights 1.3 Ibs)
  • Easy to carry (Fold down to about 10")
  • 100% cotton fleece 
  • Waterproof backing
When I first received this picnic blanket, I had not expected the blanket to be so large. Reading the measurements and seeing the picnic blanket in person are two different things. The largeness of the picnic blanket is a major plus.

The blanket is big enough for two to three people to lay down on. Six or more could sit on the blanket. This is a perfect picnic blanket for families because of the size.

When I had spread out the blanket on the kitchen floor, my dogs claimed the blanket almost instantly. I could barely get them to stop playing on it to fold it back up.

The backside of the fabric is a waterproof material. It won't hold up if there's a ton of water, for example, after it rains. It is able to keep the water or moisture from soaking through if the grass is just wet from dew or humidity in the air.

The cotton fleece is soft, but not as soft as I usually like blankets. For an outdoor blanket, it's perfect because grass won't get caught within the fabric. It's soft enough that feels nice on your skin and is gentle.

The blanket is okay to fold up. It's not super easy. I always try to follow the previous folds in the blanket to be able to get it to fold again where the velcro and flap are on top, so the blanket can be shut into it's purse like storage.

Check out this picnic blanket on Amazon.

High Heel Cap Pad

I received the High Heel Cap Pads by Cornucopia Brands through a promotion.

Product Info:
  • 2 Pairs
  • Keeps heels from sinking into grass, gravel, or other soft ground
The high heel caps were bigger than I had expected them to be. They are noticeable if you're wearing a short dress, shorts, skirt, etc. Longer pants and dresses can that cover your shoes or feet does hide the heel caps if you don't want them visible. 

The heel caps feel like a hard plastic like material that helps keep it's sturdy hold and protects the heels from sinking into the ground. I've lost count of the number of times I've broken or damaged heels because they sunk into the dirt. 

Not all heels fit in these heel caps. Extremely thin heels will slip right on out. Fatter heels don't fit in. The basic or average heel style does work well with these heel caps. 

Check out these heel caps on Amazon.

Friday, July 17, 2015

IPhone 5/6 Light Up Charging Cable

I received the Light Blue iPhone 5/6 Light Up Charger Cable through a promotion. 

Product Info:
  • 3.25Ft in length
  • Lights change color 
When I first received the light up cable, I was impressed with how heawvy duty the cables seems. The cable is a thicker cord that won't break or bend as easily. 

I love the look of the cord. It's different than other cords I've tried. It's fun and adorable.  
The light up part of the cord changes colors. I love to use this cord during the day with the changing color lights. It's fun.

It's not a cord I like to use at night. I like my bedroom dark, and the lights are too bright. 

The lights don't cause the cord to get too hot or over heat if left charging a long period of time.

The cord is a decent length. It's 3.25Ft long. It's not as long as most cords I prefer to use, but it's still usable and preforms well. 

Check out this cable on Amazon.